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Call Centre Solution

Are you missing your Customers' phone calls? Are you looking to promote your business through Telephony? Experience our Cost effective & flexible Freedom Call Centre solution.

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Inbound Dialing

Automate your inbound call process with our multi level Interactive Voice Response module. Streamline inbound calls with tools such as caller ID popup and call queuing options. Streamline your customer support function.

Outbound Dialing

Are you running an outbound call process? Skyrocket your agent efficiency with our Autodialer. You can also automate customer communication with our Voice Broadcast tool by broadcasting a recorded message to your Customers.

Voice Logger

Our voice logger tool is used for all the outgoing calls and incoming calls. Supervisors & Operation Managers can use this tool to access the call recordings to measure call quality.

Supervisor Control & Monitoring

Our centralized back office setup allows Supervisors access to comprehensive management information for supervision and control of call quality both in real time and in historical or archival mode.

Call Management

For our Supervisors we also offer Call Monitoring tools such as Spy, Whisper & Call Barge. Call queuing can be optimized using tools such as Ring Groups, Follow Me, Advanced Call Forward & Call Pickup.

Call Recording

Recording of calls is possible on all extensions or selected extensions. We offer centralised storage for call recording. You can access recorded files through your Application through API or through your Back Office.

CRM Integration

With CRM integration, solutions such as Auto Dialer, Caller ID popup to maintain case files on all clients & prospects easily become possible. It also allows you to manage call reports for agents & supervisors alongwith their call followup history.

Mobile Interface

Make calls over SIP using our mobile applications on iPhone / Android & Windows Phone. With our mobile reporting tools you can access all agent & supervisor reports on the go.

Customization & Pricing

Freedom Call Centre Solution is completely customizable and can integrate with your existing CRM / Back office systems. Our solution is available both On Demand as well as On Premise variants. Pricing starts at just $15 a month, per user.


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