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Resource Planning for Laboratories

Soil Diagnostics Inc’s LabCore is a simple but very capable enterprise resource management system designed specifically for the needs of agricultural and environmental testing laboratories. Agronomists and soil testing laboratories can subscribe to the LabCore suite of tools online, or work with Soil Diagnostics to have a customized deployment.

LabCore is built on proven web-based technologies and is designed to enable agronomists and analytical laboratories to grow their business by being able to serve more customers. Key modules include:


Many testing labs are frequently represented by dealers that have their own client lists and service requirements. Associates is a comprehensive contact management system that allows you and your dealers to maintain information on clients and their farms, fields and facilities in a secure manner. You can record geospatial information on the location of the fields as well as display test results and recommendations on a regular grid or across management zones. Integration with Google Maps also allows your sampling crew to get exact directions and allows your clients to view operations on their fields or facilities in real time.

Associates ERP software for Soil Laboratories


Your products and services can be registered in LabCore along with dealer-specific discount codes, product-specific laboratory protocols and the analytical parameters that you measure for those products. You can offer these products individually or as packages with special pricing. Products can be priced per test, or services can be priced per facility or by the acre.

Fully Native Apps

Both our iOS & Android Apps are fully native to provide a smooth sailing user experience for your customers


You and your dealers can take orders for specific tests on your clients’ fields or facilities. You can customize your order form so dealers can obtain specific information from clients in order to help you serve them better.

ERP software for Soil Laboratories

Field History

Keeping good records is desirable for any efficient farm operation. Our Field History module enables simple data entry to record when and what services were provided on any given field. Field History provides a calendar view and a list of customizable ‘drag-and-drop’ events that make it a breeze for your dealers as well as clients to record when fields were planted, what chemicals were applied, when they were harvested, timings and amounts of chemical or irrigation applications, crop scouting activity and much more. This app will be integrated with a weather monitoring service which will automatically record weather events on a field-specific basis, making it easy to estimate yields, determining the best time for applying chemicals or documenting weather-related damage to support insurance claims.

Soil Laboratories


The Samples App is a simplified Lab Information Management System (LIMS) system that provides sample registration, update tracking, chain of custody logs, and technician-specific views of your analytical pipeline. You can now update your clients in real time when their samples are collected, processed and when their reports and recommendations are generated. The samples app is designed to be flexible and powerful so you can progressively eliminate the need for a paper trail through your lab. Built in order-specific sample statistics allow you to identify quality control issues at a glance. Because LabCore is designed for analytical testing laboratories, there is tight integration and seamless communication between all the apps.


Geospatial Data Visualization

The GIS Visualization module allows the grower to upload planting, fertilization, soil test and yield maps and provides a simple way to visualize how your soils and management practices affect profitability

Geospatial Data Visualization

Precision Management

The Precision Management module allows agronomists and their clients to Integrate several years of yield and soil test data to identify different management zones within a field. We use advanced image analysis and machine learning technologies to help agronomists identify regions that would benefit from profit-boosting investments in drainage, conservation tillage, or cover crops.

Precision Management


Articles is a full-featured blog module that allows you to create content for your business. You can produce newsletters to communicate with clients, internal protocol documents for your technicians, onboarding documents for your dealers, or tutorials for your staff. You can control access and privacy on every article and delegate authorship responsibility among your staff.

Administrative tools

LabCore also includes tools such as inventory management, a meeting minutes application, and a full-featured blog application so you use the same platform to simplify operations for your business. You can fine tune access privileges for your staff and dealers so you can confidently utilize the latest web technologies to grow your business.

Integration with FertiSaver-N

Soil Diagnostics Inc’s FertiSaver-N system is comprised of hardware and Web-based software that allows soil labs to conduct an organic nitrogen soil test and use the results to produce a nitrogen application program, that provides geospatial recommendations on corn seeding rates, nitrogen application in single or split applications, as well as associated lime recommendations to allow you to obtain the most profitable yields from your fields. LabCore provides a simple one-click interface to download data from the FertiSaver-N system to produce recommendations within LabCore.

Custom Deployment and Development Services

Although LabCore applications were developed to be powerful and flexible for a majority of enterprises like yours, we recognize the need for custom integration. At Soil Diagnostics, Inc., we can help you deploy a fully customized version of LabCore either on popular Cloud services or on your own premises. We can also build custom software to integrate your specialized equipment with our system, so that your technicians do not have to spend time transferring data between computers. Our apps have been built with future integration in mind. For example, we will be able to help you link the Orders app with your accounting system, so you can automate routine billing and accounting right from LabCore.

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