Project Management

Stay connected and in control of your projects & tasks. Freedom Project & Task Manager is an online project management tool that keeps customers and employees working together seamlessly.

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Task Management

Assign tasks and streamline the process of adding and assigning tasks, sub-tasks and tasks to multiple people.

Milestone Tracking

Keep projects on-track by easily tracking your project milestone.

Privacy Management

The privacy feature gives you the ability to select who can view project data such as tasks, messages, files and comments.

File Management

Keep all project related files in one easy-to-find location for all project members.

Time Tracking

Track the time you and your team members spend on each project. Draw up time reports and generate accurate billing.

Customer Access

You can clients to a project so that they can login with their own usernames and see what's happening on a project without having to call or email you.

Calender & Scheduling

Our Calender allows you to post times for meetings and events. With recurring events scheduling such as weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings you are surely never going to miss an appointment.

Mobile Interface

With Freedom PTM Mobile, you can pull out Project data, followup on your planned tasks and generate reports on the go. With our cross platform mobile applications on iPhone, Android & Windows Phones you won't ever miss a thing.

Customization & Pricing

Freedom Project & Task Manager is completely customizable and can integrate with your existing ERP / Back office systems. Our solution is available both On Demand as well as On Premise variants. Pricing starts at just $18 a month, per user.


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